FOMS (Friends of Mengham Infant School – PTA)

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If your child attends Mengham Infant School, or you are a member of staff, you are automatically a member of the schools’ Parent Teacher Association (PTA) – we are called Friends of Mengham Infant School (FOMs).

The aim of our PTA is to provide fun and entertaining events for our children (and their parents/carers). These events are not only social; they also help to raise money to improve equipment and facilities at Mengham Infant School that will benefit our children.

In 2022 FOMs raised more than £4000, which paid for:

– Library books and equipment

– Friendship benches

– School pet Guinea pigs supplies and equipment

– £990 towards the whole school coach trip.

As of July 2023 the team had provided funds for:

A new musical forest which is still in the design phase but more details are to be announced soon.

A completely revamped pond area. This project was completed along with help from Hayling Men’s Shed, Hayling Horticultural Society and the Growing Together project.

In 2023-24 the team are fundraising for a variety of projects to be announced shortly!

These funds are raised through a variety of annual events, including:

– Christmas/ summer/ book fairs

– Sport or just fun fundraisers

– Cake / fresh fruit sales

– DIY gifts (for Christmas and leavers)

Some other activities and events we organise are just for children to have fun together and are not focusing on raising funds for school:

– Year group discos

– Leaver’s party and keepsakes

– Mother’s/Father’s Day handmade keepsakes

We’re always open to new ideas, many of which come from new PTA members whose children join Mengham Infant school each year.

If you would like to join us there are two ways, through:

– WhatsApp group – where we have regularly discussions of ideas and plans

– Facebook page – where we share already agreed plans and look for helping hands

Whichever you prefer just leave your mobile number or Facebook name below and we will gladly add you to the relevant group/s. Below you will also find the links for more information/reports from meetings and upcoming events:

Dear Parents and Carers
We would like to introduce you to the new F.O.M.S team for the school year 2022-23. Our line up is as follows:

Chairperson: Julia Priston

Vice-Chair: Hannah Dowse

Treasurer: Stacey Carter

Secretary: Laura Adams

Social Media Lead: Gemma Stannett

Fundraising Lead : Netty Shepherd

F.O.M.S team