FOMS (Friends of Mengham Infant School – PTA)

Everyone who has a child, grandchild or a family member who cares for a child in the school can consider themselves a ‘Friend of Mengham Infant School (FOM)’.  This group of parents/relatives/carers has an interest in the school through their children.  The aim of the group is to enhance your child’s time at Mengham Infants through fundraising events and activities, whilst providing opportunities for parents and carers to get involved.

Every year budgets and finances in schools are tested in order to meet all the needs of the school.  FOMs look to work with the school to raise funds for those additional extras that make your child’s time at Mengham Infants extra special or supplement the school in areas they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. Our FOMS committee meets regularly with the Headteacher to discuss fundraising events and any projects the school have that need our financial support.

What do we do?

  • Help to raise much needed additional funds for the school
  • Support school in all they do
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Organise fundraising events
  • Pre-loved uniform sales
  • Organise fun events for the children
  • Bring new ideas
  • Be part of a friendly team
  • Have lots of fun
  • No full-time commitment



The Christmas Fair was a huge success, raising over £1000 for the school! We were very lucky to have had amazing prizes donated from many local businesses which meant the raffle in particular was a great fundraiser. Father Christmas made an appearance and every child got a gift to take home.

Our next fundraiser was the 2022 challenge. Each child was asked to think of an activity they could do and ask their friends and family to sponsor them. The activities ranged from 22 laps of the park, 22 different physical activities and 22 back flips! The total amount raised was absolutely wonderful – over £2000!!

For Mother’s Day, the team made small bouquets of flowers which were sold to the children. Every child also made a heartshaped keepsake to take home.

All this fundraising meant we were able to provide lots of resourse and treats for the school and all the children.

So far this school year FOMS have organised or purchased:

  • A Halloween, Valentine’s and a Spring disco which all the children thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Two Friendship benches for our play areas, which were then decorated with all the children’s hand prints. Now, child can sit and make new friends during play times.
  • A whole set of our Recommended Reads for each class, these books are chosen for each year group to encourage a love of reading.
  • New Shelf Dividers for the library.
  • A donation of £990 for the coaches we are using for our whole school trip in July. This means the parent contribution for the trip is significantly reduced.
  • A surprise keepsake for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee for every child in school.

Upcoming events in June and July are the Summer Book Fair, Father’s Day gift and the Leavers Disco.

There are lots of new and exciting ideas in the planning stages which, will all be a fantastic  additions to the school community.

If you don’t have lots of spare time but would still like to be kept informed of all the fundraising things we do for the school, let us have your email address and we will invite you to join our CLOSED Facebook Group specifically for FOMS. (This is not a forum to discuss any issues you have with the school – this is strictly for us to be able to pass on information about FOMS events and fundraising).

Our FOMs Annual General Meeting is held towards the end of the summer term.  This formal meeting is held to elect a Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary for the year.  It is also your opportunity to ask questions about the role of FOMs and to register your interest in becoming an active member.

Please click on the links below for lots more information/reports from meetings and upcoming events:

Dear Parents and Carers
We would like to introduce you to the new F.O.M.S team for the school year 2021-2022. Our line up is as follows:

Chairperson: Julia Priston
Vice-Chair: Vacant
Treasurer: Sue Rolfe
Secretary: Laura Adams
Social Medie Lead: Gemma Stannett

F.O.M.S team