School Meals

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All infant age children are currently entitled to free school lunches under the Government’s Universal Free School Meal’s initiative.

However, it is absolutely crucial that any parents who would qualify for benefits related to free school meals still register for this service as this significantly impacts funding for our school.

The office is always more than happy to check to see if you would qualify for benefits related to free school meals or parents can do it themselves here;

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Our school lunches are prepared and cooked on site by award-winning caterers HC3S who have provided the following information;

At HC3S, the ethos is about tasty food to help your children flourish. By providing nutritious food, cooked fresh every day and which is responsibly sourced, we give your children a balanced diet with choices that aid concentration levels and give them the energy to focus and to play.

This terms menu;

Weekly Overview – PrimaryMenu-April2024

Alongside the main menu each day the kitchen will be offering picnic boxes with the following fillings:

Monday – Tomato Pasta

Tuesday – Tuna Roll

Wednesday – Cheese Roll

Thursday – Ham Roll

Friday – Cheese Roll


A range of Free From menus are available for children with special diets. Follow the link below for more information:

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We aim to create menus that fit the theme whilst ensuring that the children still get the right balance of calories and nutrition.

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At Mengham parents are invited to share lunch with their child three times across the school year, normally at Christmas, Easter and for one other year group based celebration.

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