Police Priorities on Hayling

As part of the Hayling Community, we try to work alongside the local police force in order to keep our parents up to date with priorities and developments in the local area. Although some of the information on the page will not link directly to the children in our school due to their age, we recognise that many of our families have older siblings and therefore feel it is important to share key information we receive.

Currently, on Hayling, the priorities for the police are:

  • Anti Social Behaviour:  There have been frequent reports of youths congregating in the local parks causing a nuisance and leaving areas untidy. This has been raised as a local priority for targeted patrols.
  • Drug related issues:  Drug Related Harm and Offending is a District Priority and is frequently reported by the Hayling Community. This issue continues to be targeted robustly by Hayling NPT.

Attached is information for parents around these priorities to help support  with safeguarding. Please click on the link below to download the leaflet.

 County lines information for parents