Home Learning

We recognise that finding time to complete home learning activities can often be challenging and we therefore feel that the learning activities sent home should be those that we know have the biggest impact on children’s progress when completed regularly at home.

For this reason, our home learning will focus mainly on the core early skills of reading, phonics and number facts across the whole school.

Each half term your child will receive a home learning overview sheet.

The red box on this sheet will not change from term to term as this contains the expected home learning commitment to support all children as they move through school: reading regularly, practising weekly phonics that are sent home via Seesaw and weekly maths practise through logging onto your child’s account via Numbots.

The orange box will then provide parents with useful websites and resources they could use to work on with their children if they wish to extend their learning at home further. This is optional.

The blue box will contain some ideas of the sorts of wider curriculum activities that the children might enjoy taking part in at home and which parents could upload photos/videos of onto Seesaw if they chose to complete them so that their teachers can see them. This is also optional.

We cannot emphasise enough the difference reading regularly at home and practising key phonics and number work with an adult makes to the children’s confidence and progress as they move through the school and we really hope that streamlining home learning to really focus on these skills will allow parents the time to focus on these key areas with their child each week.

All parents joining our school community are requested to sign the home/school learning agreement which sets out the expectations for supporting your child’s progress at home so that we can work together to help them achieve their full potential.

We want to support all our families to feel confident in supporting these types of activities at home so, with this in mind, we have changed the format of our family learning sessions to give parents the opportunity to be part of a normal lesson with their child so that they can see how their child learns in school, with a particular focus on phonics and number, and so that they can also hopefully get some different ideas for how to approach supporting reading and phonics, in particular, at home.

All three of these key areas will be monitored in school so that we are able to celebrate children’s key successes in our Celebration assemblies. As always, the marking of our reading bookmarks helps us to see when the children have read at home (be warned your children are very honest and do tell us when they’ve been signed when they haven’t read). Parents can comment on work uploaded and completed on Seesaw and teachers are able to see who has accessed the learning each week. Mr Young pulls off the Numbots data every 2 weeks to see how the children are doing. So please be assured that we do acknowledge and appreciate the support that comes from home.

As always, we want to continue to work with you to get the best for your children. If you are struggling with anything linked to accessing home learning then please let your child’s teacher know so that they can help.

We have our own YouTube channel which we have used to share stories, information,  lessons and even pantomimes during periods of school closures

There are also a range of other online programs and apps that children can use to consolidate their learning at home. Some that we recommend are;