Today in YR we have been thinking about waste – food waste and rubbish. We discussed where we might put our rubbish when outside: “in the bin”, “we can take it home if there’s no bins”, “maybe we can put it in our green bin like paper?” We also discussed how we should choose a lunch choice at school that we are sure we will eat, and also make sure we eat all our fruit at snack time, so lots of food is not wasted in the bin. After this talk, all the children cleared their plates at lunch time and we had all the fruit gone! 🙂

We moved on to reading Someone Swallowed Stanley (below there is a link if you would like to also read the book). We discussed how sad it is for the sea creatures to have to live in seas that are covered in humans rubbish. We then decided to make posters to tell others to put their rubbish in the bin!