27th September 2022

Year 2 have settled in brilliantly as our new Turtles and Squids. We are proud of how the children have shown kindness to each other, have been engaging in their learning and are being excellent role models to the younger children in the school.

This week has been extremely busy with a puppet workshop which was delivered by a team from Splodge Designs. The children really enjoyed it and by making superhero characters, it was a great launch to our new topic ‘Not all superheroes wear capes.’

We have enjoyed our gardening sessions which have been led by ‘Growing Together’ volunteers and making the most of the sunshine!  We do need some clean margarine tubs and some pine cones for our gardening, so if you have any, please drop them in for us, thank you.

We have been writing all about ourselves and celebrating everyone’s similarities and differences and we have used the books ‘Incredible You’ and ‘I like bees, but I do not like honey’ as our stimuli.

In Maths we have been learning about place value and partitioning numbers. This week we have been using metre sticks to measure objects in our classrooms using the language bigger than and smaller than. We also used number lines to 100 and crossed boundaries e.g. 24 – 34 and included the numbers in between.

We enjoyed our trip to St Mary’s Church as part of our ‘Belonging’ topic. We looked at belonging and how that makes us feel and why it is important to have a sense of belonging.

In Science, we have been exploring habitats for mini beast and looking at how our school environment changes throughout the seasons as part of our longitudinal study.

Year 2 have chosen children to do special jobs around the school for Mrs Rebbitt. We have launched our Community Champions and Year 2 have roles to help with around school. Children can help with ensuring children have buddies in the playground, ensuring the books are tidy in the playground, the mini midday job is to help the lunch staff in the hall and tidy team help tidy up the outdoor equipment after lunch. We have been taking our responsibilities very seriously!